Texas Skin Care Specialist


Texas Skin Care Specialist

Anna D. Rinehart, Cidesco Diplomate

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Today's aestheticians are better prepared and equipped with a broad base of both knowledge and skills to work in standard salons, facial spas, and or clinical skin care programs.

The Texas Skin Care Specialist has an accumulative 750 hours training in general aesthetics and has obtained clinical skin care skills through a medical facility. The aesthetician has received "Hands-On" clinical skin care needs such as basic AHA peels to more complex treatments including TCA, Jessners, Modified Jessners, Laser IPL,  complex medical aesthetics assessment and analysis of the aging face; as well as a host of procedures requiring specialized training through an experienced skin care specialist coupled with a medical background.

 "Hands-On Workshops"

Nurses and Aestheticians

"A Sisterhood of  Skin Care Caregivers "

Licensed nurses and aestheticians provide  specialized skin care treatments, procedures and protocols that have been mastered through the years of integrating the science of medicine and  general aesthetic skills to create what is generally been accepted as "Medical Aesthetics".

Nurses ( LPN, RN, NP ) have been entering the aesthetic field more abundantly during the last ten years. Once you might have believed that a nurse would always be working in an office or hospital setting in some manner that ties them to the "physicians order". Today, more nurses are desiring to strike out on their own with a great deal more autonomy with the specialty field of aesthetics. Nurses can have their own business through the practice of aesthetics and never have to be concerned about "Physicians Order",

A nurse desiring to capitalize on her/his education and clinical knowledge of the dynamics for  "patient care" can have a  greater platform,  through the practice of medical aesthetics. In no way is the nurse practicing medicine. The individuals license does not permit her/him to practice "nursing" without a physicians order/auspice/. But , if a nurse acquires the skills of an aesthetician then the nurse can have a beautiful basis for one to one relationships with their clients.

How Aestheticians Benefit the Nurse

Aestheticians can teach nurses how to take their general knowledge and skills to a greater platform through Medical Aesthetics. Aestheticians have a great sense of "Hands-On" expertise that can mutually benefit the physician-patient relationship.

Physicians should welcome the hands of the aesthetician and the work of the nurse in the ever changing dynamics of aesthetic medicine and medical aesthetics.

With the gate open, physicians will no doubt control lasers and certain procedures that might not need a physician but they will none the less push for more "high priced equipment" to diminish the autonomy of  nurses and aestheticians.

I believe that every medical aesthetics practice should have a nurse-physician-aesthetician relationship but with a more respectful acceptance that the independent aesthetician does not take "orders" like a nursing license expects of their system.

How An Aesthetician Benefits the Physician

An Aesthetician can benefit the physician whom seeks to expand their practice to address antiaging aesthetics but on a totally different paradigm than that of mainstream medicine.

Physicians of internal medicine, general practice, family medicine should consider the benefits of a  medical aesthetician for their patients. Aestheticians bring a tremendous amount of skillfulness in facial aesthetics and have a great propensity for "caring" for the client/patient. An aesthetician brings the physician a softness lost through the push for "equipment" between the patient and the physician. An aesthetician brings the physician an aesthetic appeal lost through the rigid uniformity of " thought" which sometimes has become seen as " very rigid" and no sense of creativity to physicians practices.

 The powerful positive impact " one qualified skin care provider" can have on patient satisfaction can greatly increase a physicians client base. Far more important, the properly trained and broad  experience of an aesthetician provides the physician a specialized skin care provider whom understands the dynamics of patient care and services that can never be imitated by equipment. Aestheticians provide the health care system in general caring hands, skillful aesthetic procedures and an opportunity for the physician-patient relationship to grow exponentially. In essence, the nurse-aesthetician relationship is a sisterhood  of caring partners.

 Anna D. Rinehart, SCS, Cidesco Diplomate

 Facial Aesthetic Cosmetic Education© Instructor


Medical Aesthetics FACE®

Facial Aesthetics Cosmetic Education

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Hot Tip

Nurses and Aestheticians can work more effectively with Medical Aesthetics Practices if you work to learn skills, treatments and procedures without pressure to stay with one product.
Cosmetic Syndrome
Physicians, nurses and aestheticians will learn how to identify cosmetic concerns that do not deal with disease but as it relates to "feelings" and social aesthetic concerns.

Medical Aesthetics is a fascinating specialty for all skin care specialists.

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